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Course Descriptions

This course is for all teachers who use materials or produce their own. These may be materials
for your own classroom, for sharing with colleagues or even for publication. They may be
print or digital. You will explore many aspects of effective materials development from key
principles to practicalities. You will look at materials evaluation, adaptation and creation,
including key areas such as visual design, cognition and affect in materials, and making sure
they are effective for your specific context, whatever area of language teaching that might be.
Location: Online
Experience: Teachers at all levels
Language Level: B2 or higherCourse Length: 4 weeks-15 hours
Course Dates: 
29 May-23 June 2023
3 July-30 July 2023
Course Fee: 4500 TL

Tutor-led and highly interactive
Live and asynchronous eLearning platforms
Materials Development for Language Education covers the following areas:
• Principles of materials development
• How language teaching material is used
• Materials for specific contexts and cultures
• Implications of second language acquisition research
• Principled evaluation of materials
• Principles and practice of materials adaptation
• Affect, motivation and engagement in materials
• Understanding and adjusting levels of challenge
• Materials for teaching grammar and vocabulary
• Materials for developing the four skills
• Design, layout and illustration
• Writing instructions and teacher’s notes
Time will be built into the course for reflection, to consider how to adapt the content to your
own professional context. We then support you in creating a strategy for putting your ideas
into practice in your institution.

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