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Course Descriptions

A structured 20-hour course, ‘EMI Lecturer Training: Principles and Practice’, will be given
to university lecturers. Participants will have the opportunity to explore current research into
Best Practice in EMI and to explore and reflect on their own EMI practices through online
input sessions, guided reading and specific tasks and activities. Key issues in EMI will be
explored with a view to giving participants a better understanding of their students’ needs and
challenges. Practical techniques will be shared and different methodological approaches to
EMI will be discussed. This course aims to help lecturers to better understand teaching and
lecturing methodology and principles, be more aware of their students' learning needs
and learning difficulties, further improve their own English communication skills, and reflect
on and improve their own teaching and lecturing styles and techniques.
Location: Online
Experience: Lecturers at higher education institutions
Language Level: B2 or higher
Course Length: 4 weeks-15 hours
Course Dates: 
29 May-23 June 2023
3 July-30 July 2023
Course Fee: 4500 TL
Tutor-led and highly interactive
Live and asynchronous eLearning platforms

Teaching Young Learners covers the following areas:
-Meeting learner needs in an English-medium university environment in Turkey
-Conceptualizing and meeting learning outcomes
-Effective lecturing skills and techniques
-Encouraging critical thinking
-Creating an effective learning environment
-Promoting learner autonomy
-Using Distance Learning effectively
-Using effective English communication skills
Time will be built into the course for reflection, to consider how to adapt the content to your
own professional context. We then support you in creating a strategy for putting your ideas
into practice in your institution.

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